Ralph R. Teetor Pioneer

Learn More About Teetor's Legacy with the Ralph R. Teetor Film

The  Ralph R. Teetor documentary in production takes a look at the extraordinary life and legacy of this automotive pioneer, Ralph R. Teetor. Teetor was a remarkable visionary who, despite losing his eyesight as a child, continued to follow his passion of engineering. As the Ralph R. Teetor film profiles, a number of the automotive features we take for granted today harkens back to this persistent and driven man. A man who overcame insurmountable odds throughout his life locks, and, of course, his most famed invention, the automotive Cruise Control.  But it was his honest character that is the driving force of this film.

The Ralph R. Teetor documentary also speaks of how the automotive pioneer continues to influence future generations with the Ralph R. Teetor SAE Educational Fund. The Ralph R. Teetor SAE Educational Fund is an endowment program that Teetor himself created in 1963 when he had served as president of the Society of Automotive Engineers since his election in 1936. The SAE was incredibly important to Teetor, and he saw the Ralph R. Teetor SAE Educational Fund as his commitment to education and his lifelong dedication to engineering.

Ralph R. Teetor believed that a gift to education was an investment in a better future.