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"Your family represents so much of what’s good in America and the documentary gives a glimpse into the history of our country as well as about innovation, inspiration, and humanity."

Lyn St. JamesLegendary 1992 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year

"Ralph Teetor was one of the most gifted, resourceful, and inventive engineers and leaders to ever lead the SAE."

Joseph GilbertPast Exec. V.P., Society of Automotive Engineers

"Successful engineers think in images. Their minds occupy a nonverbal world, not easily reducible to words. Ralph Teetor had this kind of thinking.”"

William S. HammackProfessor of Engineering University of Illinois

"My grandfather learned to ‘see’ with his hands, and came to depend upon his sense of touch, feelings of vibrations, hearing, and keen memory."

Ralph Meyer

"Ralph’s courage and unselfishness are an inspiration to all who knew him. He is a young man who has fought a good fight and won."

Reporter, 1918

"My grandfather taught mom how to roller-skate, ride a bike, and even read gauges."

Lucy Meyer Kropp

"We have gone just about as far as practical to go in building for power and speed. But there remain two important fields for progress, economy and safety."

Ralph Teetor, 1936

"Remember, you are not handicapped as long as you can think logically."

Ralph Teetor, 1945in a speech to blind veterans

"Ralph Teetor has always had a sense of aspiring to the stars..."

Landrum Bolling, 1974Earlham College President

"Ralph's mental picture of life, consisting of people and things, is very similar to a tape recording."

Macy Teetor, 1960

"Dad frequently walked through the plant, never bumping a machine, a worker, or missing a door. He was so aware that he often said, ‘I see that the machine is replaced.’ Some felt he could see."

Marjorie Teetor Meyer

"Uncle Ralph was always solving sighted problems for people who could see."

Jack H. Teetor, Sr., Nephew