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  • January 26, 2024 – The Rotary Club of Los Angeles invited Jack Teetor as a guest speaker to present the remarkable story of Ralph Teetor. Ralph Teetor was a lifelong Rotarian and spoke at the Rotary Club of Detroit and daughter Marjorie Teetor Meyer was a Rotary member and spoke at the Rotary Club of Indianapolis in 1997 about her book, “One Man’s Vision: The Life of Automotive Pioneer Ralph R. Teetor.”  Mrs. Meyer revealed her publisher urged her to write the book because her father’s life was a “beacon of hope and an inspiration to others.”
  • January 23, 2024 – James Raia, host of The Weekly Driver Podcast, interviewed Jack Teetor about Ralph Teetor and the upcoming documentary film.  James is a 45-year automotive journalist who also writes a Sunday automotive column for The San Jose Mercury & East Bay Times in Walnut Creek, CA, and a monthly auto review column for Gulfshore Business magazine in South Florida.
  • January 18, 2024 – Glendale, CA – The National Inventors Hall of Fame 2024 class of inductees was announced at Walt Disney Imagineering. Among the inductees is Ralph R. Teetor, for his invention of the Cruise Control. Each year a select few of those who have made exceptional contributions to society are inducted and celebrated alongside of the world’s foremost inventors. The Induction Ceremony will be hosted in partnership with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. In May. Members of the Teetor & Meyer families will be attending.
  • January 16, 2024 – Eric Monterastelli, Founder of Gran Touring Motorsports, along with his co-host, Enrique Rodriguez, interviewed Jack Teetor for the popular Break/Fix Podcast, capturing the living history of people from the automotive world to inspire a new generation. Enrique, who is visually impaired, specifically asked Teetor if his film would be accessible for the blind & visually impaired. Teetor responded that he would be making an additional Audio Descriptive (AD) track for this audience. In Episode S5E7: Ralph Teetor, Jack reveals stories of Ralph Teetor and the upcoming documentary, “Blind Logic: The Ralph R. Teetor Story.” The interview will be aired April 11th, and the link will be on both the Break/Fix & Blind Logic sites to be provided.
  • Indianapolis, IN – Dec. 17, 2023 – Our editor, Derek Tow, hosted our first screening of “Blind Logic: The Ralph R. Teetor Story,” for the grandkids & families of Ralph Teetor, in a not yet completed cut. As cousin Jen said, “This film goes so far beyond our expectations and tells a story our world desperately needs to hear right now. It embodies the goodness and hope of what was and what could be again.” 
  • Hagerstown, IN – Dec. 15, 2023 – PBS Television producer Sarah Kreps and her production team came to Hagerstown to interview Ralph Meyer & Jack Teetor about Ralph Teetor and the upcoming 2024 documentary, “Blind Logic: The Ralph R. Teetor Story.” Sarah is producing “Now Entering Hagerstown, “a series about significant stories and events in small Indiana towns. The show is scheduled to air in March across Indiana.
  • Chelsea, MI – Dec. 11, 2023: We held our recording session with Emmy Award winning actor Jeff Daniels who provided the voice-over for Ralph Teetor.  Jeff’s exceptional talents have brought Ralph Teetor’s characteristics to life for the documentary.  Ben Daniels was the recording engineer.
  • Oct. 2023 – Hagerstown, IN – Jason Schmittler, of the Hagerstown Planning Commission, discovered over a thousand negatives from the 1940’s – 1960’s that were about to be discarded forever.  These irreplaceable photographs were originally taken by Louis Beeson, Chief Photographer for the Perfect Circle Co., with his Hasselblad camera.  A select few of these treasures will be included in our documentary in the final edit and eventually posted in our Gallery section.
  • Oct. 17, 2023 – San Francisco, CA – Emmy Award winning television host and narrator Mike Rowe recorded the narration for “Blind Logic – The Ralph R. Teetor Story.” Rowe stated, “I narrated this film because Ralph Teetor epitomizes the work ethic, which we value at our MikeroweWorks Foundation.”  Find out more about Mike’s foundation at:
  • Clemson University – 2023:  Laine Mears, Department Chair, Automotive Engineering, College of Engineering, stated his interest in holding a screening of Blind Logic in 2024.  He stated, “I am a former Teetor award winner and did in fact read the entire book about Ralph Teetor.”
  • Dr. Bassem Ramadan, Professor and Department Head of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University, is interested in holding screenings of Blind Logic in 2024.  He stated, “Several of our faculty are recipients of SAE’s Ralph Teetor Education Award.
  • Heather Lerner, Associate Professor of Biology & Museum Studies, Earlham College, Joseph Moore Museum, Richmond, Indiana, invited Jack Teetor to hold a screening and Q&A session of the film during their Total Solar Eclipse event in April of 2024.
  • 2023 – GM announced they are moving its autos into an accessible and inclusive future. Their announcement mentioned the Cruise Control, stating “This brilliant tech was invented by an engineer who was blind named Ralph Teetor, and it was his tenacity that led to a patent that changed driving as we know it.” The article went on to say, “Today, GM is exploring other inventions for and by people with disabilities.”
  • The prestigious 2023 Induction Awards Ceremony of the Automotive Hall of Fame was held at The Fillmore Detroit on July 20, 2023, and honored Ralph R. Teetor on his 35th anniversary of his 1988 Induction into the Hall of Fame.  Board Chair Jonathon Husby welcomed the Teetor family in his opening address.
  • The 2023 Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee Signature event was held at the Hall of Fame Museum on July 19, 2023.  Members of the Teetor & Meyer families attended the event where Ralph R. Teetor’s signature was finally set in place and revealed in the Hall of Honor from his 1988 induction to the Hall of Fame.
  • Our film shoot of racing legend Lyn St. James, 1992 INDY 500 “Rookie of the Year,” and Leslie Mark Kendall, Chief Historian, Petersen Automotive Museum, was conducted on May 24, 2023 at the Petersen Museum.  Production team by Street Legal Cinema with Stephen Vittoria, Robert Guillory, and John E. Walker.
  • The Los Angeles shoot at the Petersen Automotive Museum was completed May 9, 2023.  Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer at Tesla, Inc., provided interview segments for the film.  Production team by Street Legal Cinema with Stephen Vittoria, Gerald Emerick, and Jim LeGoy.
  • March 23, 2023 – The Indianapolis Star newspaper article “7 New Movies Filmed in Indiana,” was reported by Domenica Bongliovanni, with “Blind Logic: The Ralph R. Teetor Story,” devoted to a segment about the film.
  • Teetor completed the Detroit film shoot at the Automotive Hall of Fame Museum with Sarah Cook, President, on Feb. 13, 2023, with the assistance of Scott West, Cinematographer/Camera and John Bujak, Camera/Sound.
  • Teetor joined the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH)  Founded in 1969, the SAH is an international organization with over 650 members in 25 countries.
  • Character actor Barry Corbin (Yellowstone) recorded the voice of Dean Henry Spangler on Jan. 23, 2023.
  • The company completed the location shoot with Tom Teetor November 16, 2022 in Pawleys Island, SC, with the assistance of Thomas Dahne of Beverly Boy Productions and cinematography/camera/sound by Ethan Kaiser and Graham Ladd.
    Blind Logic Productions announced their support of October 2022’s Blind Awareness Month & World Sight Day Oct. 13th, bringing a heightened focus on the blind and visually impaired community and the realities of living without sight.
  • The Automotive Hall of Fame posted Jack Teetor’s article about Ralph Teetor’s invention and the film on their web site:
  • The National Air & Space Museum has announced the opening of the Nation of Speed exhibit on October 14, 2022, where Ralph Teetor’s original “Speed-O-Stat” device is on display.
  • The 2022 Automotive Hall of Fame events were attended by Dan & Jack Teetor who met with Sarah Cook, President of the organization, Leah Minadeo, Digital Asset & Archive Manager, and Margarite Fourcroy, and discussed digitizing some Ralph Teetor documents & photos for his lasting legacy.
  • Press Release July 12, 2022
  • Press Contact Deborah Gilels (See Contact Page)
    Voice-over artist Rick Zieff recorded voices of Macy Teetor and Landrum Bolling in L.A. during 2022.
  • Recorded voice-over temp track with John Matthew on 02/9 & 11/22 at Garden of Sound studio in L.A.
  • New York-based Andy Rothstein recorded voice of Bob Beeson on 02/14/22.
  • Reached an agreement in February 2022 with Beverly Boy Productions/Derek Tow as Editor.
    Signed with Complete Production Group in L.A. for SAG-AFTRA signatory and payroll services in February 2022.
  • Indiana location shoot was held at the Hagerstown Museum on October 26, 2021. A special thanks to Joe Smith, Glen Meek & Barbara with the museum, Chris Lamar, Brenda Campbell & Jennifer Taylor with the Hagerstown Library, Willow Springs for catering, Shellie Gray of The Logo Shoppe, and the warm hospitality of the town.
  • Marissa Slagle, of the Western Wayne News, reported in her story of the film shoot, “Ralph Teetor’s extraordinary life is one that inspires people around the world.” Teetor contracted with Beverly Boy Productions, an international company, with the Indianapolis team facilitating the shoot. Thank you to Derek Tow, Eric Filson, and Taylor for the production.
    Final thanks to my Indiana cousins Ralph Meyer, Jennifer Bloniarz, Lucy Meyer Kropp, Ruthie Jones for their interviews (Grandchildren of Ralph Teetor).
  • The 2018 Automotive Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony celebrated alumni including Ralph R. Teetor. Attending the event were Ralph & Connie Meyer and Dan & Jack Teetor.


  • On September 21, 2013, a Teetor & Meyer family reunion took place at Lake Wawasee, IN. Still with us, first cousins Marjorie Teetor Meyer and Jack Teetor, Sr. discussed with the next generation the interest of making a film based on Marjorie Teetor Meyer’s book, “One Man’s Vision The Life of Automotive Pioneer Ralph R. Teetor.”  And so the journey began.
  • Early 2014, Jack Teetor, Jr, began developing an adaptation of his Aunt Marjorie’s book into a documentary script with his sights on a one-hour film, now expected to be 90 minutes. Teetor wrote on and off over the next eight years tracking his vision to tell the story of his Uncle Ralph.
  • During these years, Teetor’s cousin Jim Andron, signed on as composer for the film. Teetor’s brother Daniel Teetor, signed on as Photo Editor.
  • Teetor completed another update in 8/18/2023 for his 44th revision of his script as a result of writing new additions and reviewing the film’s progress to date.