- On September 21, 2013, a Teetor & Meyer family reunion took place at Lake Wawasee, IN.  Still with          us, first cousins Marjorie Teetor Meyer and Jack Teetor, Sr. discussed with the next generation the            interest of making a film based on Marjorie Teetor Meyer's book, "One Man's Vision The Life of                 Automotive Pioneer Ralph R. Teetor."   And so the journey began.

- Early 2014, Jack Teetor, Jr, began developing an adaptation of his Aunt Marjorie's book into a                    documentary script with his sights on a one-hour film, now expected to be 90 minutes. Teetor wrote          on and off over the next eight years tracking his vision to tell the story of his Uncle Ralph.

- During these years, Teetor's cousin Jim Andron, signed on as composer for the film.  Teetor's

  brother Daniel Teetor, signed on as Photo Editor.

- Teetor completed another update in October of 2022 for his 34th revision of his script as a result of           Ralph Teetor's archives, revisions during recording of temp V.O. track, and reviewing of rough footage.


- The company completed the location shoot with Tom Teetor November 16, 2022 in Pawleys Island, SC, with       the assistance of Thomas Dahne of Beverly Boy Productions and cinematography/camera/sound by Ethan

   Kaiser and Graham Ladd.


- Blind Logic Productions announced their support of October 2022's Blind Awareness Month World Sight        Day  Oct. 13th, bringing a heightened focus on the blind and visually impaired community and the realities of      living without sight.

- The Automotive Hall of Fame posted Jack Teetor's article about  Ralph Teetor's invention and the film on            their web site: 

- The National Air & Space Museum has announced the opening of the Nation of Speed exhibit on October 14,    2022, where Ralph Teetor's original "Speed-O-Stat" device is on display.

- The 2022 Automotive Hall of Fame events were attended by Dan & Jack Teetor who met with Sarah

  Cook, President of the organization, Leah Minadeo, Digital Asset & Archive Manager, and Margarite

  Fourcroy, and discussed digitizing some Ralph Teetor documents & photos for his lasting legacy.


- Press Release - July 12, 2022 (See Gallery Section for PDF)

- Press Contact Deborah Gilels (See Contact Page)


- Voice-over artist Rick Zieff recorded voice of Macy Teetor on 04/27/22 in L.A.

- Recorded voice-over temp track with John Matthew on 02/9 & 11/22 at Garden of Sound studio in L.A.

- New York-based Andy Rothstein recorded voices of Bob Beeson & Landrum Bolling on 02/14/22.

- Reached an agreement in February 2022 with Beverly Boy Productions/Derek Tow as Editor.


- Signed with Complete Production Group in L.A. for SAG-AFTRA signatory and payroll services in              February 2022.

- Indiana location shoot was held at the Hagerstown Museum on October 26, 2021.  A special thanks        to Joe Smith, Glen Meek & Barbara with the museum, Chris Lamar, Brenda Campbell & Jennifer                Taylor with the Hagerstown Library, Willow Springs for catering, Shellie Gray of The Logo Shoppe,          and the warm hospitality of the town.

- Marissa Slagle, of the Western Wayne News, reported in her story of the film shoot, "Ralph Teetor's        extraordinary life is one that inspires people around the world." 

- Teetor contracted with Beverly Boy Productions, an international company, with the Indianapolis 

   team facilitating the shoot.  Thank you to Derek Tow, Eric Filson, and Taylor for the production.


- Final thanks to my Indiana cousins Ralph Meyer, Jennifer Bloniarz, Lucy Meyer Kropp, Ruthie Jones        for their interviews (Grandchildren of Ralph Teetor).

- The 2018 Automotive Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony celebrated alumni including Ralph R. Teetor.  

  Attending the event were Ralph & Connie Meyer and Dan & Jack Teetor.