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Copy of Teetor & Meyer family

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  • On September 21, 2013, a Teetor & Meyer family reunion took place at Lake Wawasee, IN. Still with us, first cousins Marjorie Teetor Meyer and Jack Teetor, Sr. discussed with the next generation the interest of making a film based on Marjorie Teetor Meyer's book, "One Man's Vision The Life of Automotive Pioneer Ralph R. Teetor." And so the journey began.

  • Early 2014, Jack Teetor, Jr, began developing an adaptation of his Aunt Marjorie's book into a documentary script with his sights on a one-hour film. Teetor wrote on and off over the next six years tracking his vision to tell the story.

  • Sometime during these years, Teetor's cousin Jim Andron, signed on as composer for the film. More recently, Teetor's brother Daniel Teetor, signed on to handle photo restoration requirements.

  • Finally, in August of 2021, Teetor completed his 20th revision of his script for production.

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